Ask A Transsexual - How Long for Effect on Hormones, Throat Surgery and Sex Surgery for Circumsized?

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Here are the questions answered in this episode of Ask A Transsexual!

- Have you had throat surgery to remove your Adam's apple or did you just have a small one to begin with?

- Would MTFs who were uncircumcised before SRS have a deeper depth after SRS than those who were circumcised at birth? And wouldn't sex for them(uncircumcised) be better and more sensitive, since it's known that circumcision dulls sensation in the glans(head) of the penis and the inner foreskin(where thousands of nerve endings are) are cut off would it affect the constructed vagina in any way?

- With all the pills and stuff, how much time would it take to have like boobs, soft skin, no hair, etc etc?
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