Ask A Transsexual - Reduce Body Hair, Why Are There Transsexuals, Would You Tell A Guy You're TS?

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Here are the questions in this week's episode of Ask A Transsexual!

- What's it called the pill for less/no facial and body hair?

- Why do you think you become the way you are? When someone feels trapped in a body of the wrong gender, it's seems like that might be a genetic or maybe prenatal influence. In your case, it seems like an early childhood psychological effect. Like maybe you got the message that being male/a man was simply unacceptable or impossible for whatever reason, maybe due to the presence of one or more extremely odious men? Do you find men/male behavior odious in general?

- Would you tell them the truth about you being a guy first and then became a girl? Have you gotten penile inversion yet? If so, how convincing does it look? Thanks.
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