Ask A Transsexual - Rough Sex, Dating Transsexuals for Free, Removing Facial Hair

Questions in this week's episode:

- Where can I meet a transsexual without the Internet? Or if I have to use the net, where can I go without having to sign-up with a credit card?

- [...] sex reassignment surgery. If I do it, will I be able to practice rough sex?

- Is there a way to prevent 5 o' clock shadow because I noticed after I shave, I still have black specs all around my chin, jaw and upper lip area and no matter which way I tried to shave, it doesn't go away. Is there a way besides getting electrolysis, laser and putting on makeup so I can't see the specs of where the hair once was. Money is a thing right at this moment and just maybe I might be shaving the wrong way or not using a specific type of product. Is there some miracle remedy for this?
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