Chats with Kathe - Meet Monica, “The Gift of Being Transgender”

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Chats with Kathe is a video series, which provides transgender people with a platform to share their stories.

Monica is our first guest.

Monica P. Mulholland’s mission is to empower people to be themselves, no matter who that is. She believes it is time to express compassion and understanding for those who may be “different,” and to prevent lives from being lost or damaged by negative stereotypes pushed on Transgender people by society.

Widely known for her whimsical sense of humour—which helps a lot when she is attempting to “pass” through society as a woman—Monica knows exactly what it’s like to be a long-time squatter in the wrong gender.
Monica is the author of ME! The Gift of Being Transgender. She is the first Transgender woman to become a Level 2 teacher in the “Art of Feminine Presence". Monica believes that now is the time when people from every background and all walks of life can learn to treat one another with kindness and respect—for everyone deserves the right to say, “This is ME!,” and, “I am wonderful!”

Monica thinks that the “Transgender tipping point” has already arrived, and she wants to give the movement towards cultural understanding and social acceptance of the Transgender experience one more push in the right direction!

Kathe Perez



Obtaining A Female Voice
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