Eva Launch Event 3 of 3 April 2013

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Eva | Pitch Lesson Changing your voice begins with mastering breathing, but it doesn't stop there. It's no surprise to anyone that men and women speak in different pitch ranges. On average women speak about an octave higher then men or about 8 whole musical notes. A typical woman speaks about at an A3 pitch.Your voice is like an orchestra with many melodies, timbres, tones and rhythms. Just like an orchestra your voice needs to be tuned. But of course the symphony doesn't play on one single pitch... and we don't just speak on one note. There's a rich expanse of possible moods and tones and expressions of how you feel and what you're thinking. The Eva | Pitch mini-lesson contains videos and training exercises similar to Eva | Breathe. The instructional video incorporates two important training strategies, which are a part of the Exceptional Voice program -- proprioception (how your voice feels in your body) & metacognition (how you'll learn to think about your voice). The Eva | Pitch practice video is intended to guide you through listening for the A3 pitch, tuning it, connecting your breath to that pitch and then building these skills so you can achieve a feminine sound in words and short phrases and conversational topics. We're training these three sounds, he, ha, hoo. Ear training is an essential element to matching A3 and using that pitch. Chances are pretty good that you're not really hearing the pitch you ultimately want to learn to use. Eva|Pitch is programmed to measure a good, strong steady sound over a three second duration. If you need more instruction refer back to the videos, which walk you through the technique and how to work with the app. Eva is a suite of voice training products for your mobile devices. The largest population of people I work with are transgender women, so it made sense to begin here. Eva's broad vision for you gals will be specific training units & lessons over three courses. The approach is based upon the Exceptional Voice program that has evolved over the years and breaks down the voice elements in a hierarchy of exercises and strategies. It was important to lay the foundation with respiratory mechanics and pitch tuning and that's what you have now. In addition to voice training apps for transgender people, Eva will be available for auctioneers, teachers, singers and professional speakers. Essentially, Eva will be there for anyone, anywhere who needs help with their voice. OK, guys you're up next. He walked up to me after a workshop I taught. He wanted the deep, rich vocal tones of an average man. He hadn't begun testosterone yet, and wanted to be careful because he was in a career where he used his voice a lot and his communication was important to him. We worked long distant because we lived in separate states. He quickly learned the breathing techniques, but had difficulty lowering his pitch past a certain point. He was frustrated at times with the melodic intonation of his voice and said he still sounded like too female was he was excited. He taught me about his heart and soul as a transgender man. He wanted gentleness, he wanted empathy and compassion, and he wanted to say all he had to say in a masculine voice. Eva hasn't left you guys out. She loves you guys! We're in the planning stages now for your apps. Just like she has with the gals, Eva will teach you how to use good, effective breathing. She'll show you how to vocalize in incrementally lower pitches and she'll help you understand what the resonance of the voice means how to make changes in your own voice to avoid, that high, tight, thin sound that you've told me bothers you so much. FREE Webinar "Making the Most of Eva" is scheduled for August 2013. Details are posted on: www.exceptionalvoiceapp.comI believe in you,Kathe Perezwww.exceptionalvoiceapp.cominfo@exceptionalvoiceapp.com

Obtaining A Female Voice
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