Eva Voice App Launch Event April 2013 Part 2 (of 3)

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Eva | Breathe LessonEva | Breathe is the first lesson. Many of your already know a bit about training your voice. You've been all over YouTube watching my and other people's videos, so you know good breathing mechanics are driving force behind getting your vocal folds to vibrate effectively and train your voice safely. You don't wind up sounding worse, rather than better. Each lesson has three videos. The introduction video loads automatically after you download the app and tells you a bit about Eva, the lesson and what to expect. The instructional video is about 3 minutes and teaches you the technique of abdominal/diaphragmatic breathing. The practice video is just over 10 minutes and demonstrates step by step how to develop proper breathing. If you're already experienced with your voice it's a great refresher. If you've been working on your voice and have made good progress, your work may not be over. Think for a moment of an athelete, they stay good at what they do because they continuously practice what they've mastered. There is no end point for them. They don't want to lose what they've worked so hard to develop nor do you.The exercise or animated portion of Eva | Breathe is intended for you to work with over and over again. You might take just a few seconds to reinforce your technique, or if you're a beginner, you might take several minutes and go through the exercises a few times a day. The skill you're learning (or maintaining if you have a lot experience training your voice) is abdominal breathing. Many of us are chest breathers. We start life using our bellies, but somewhere around puberty we shift to using our chest. I guess we're all a bit self-conscious of looking trim and keeping our bellies tight. See Part 3.I believe in you,Kathe Perezwww.exceptionalvoiceapp.cominfo@exceptionalvoiceapp.com #evavoiceapp

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