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In the Exceptional Voice method, the concept of articulation takes on a new meaning. We often put a lot of energy, time, and money into how we look. But have you taken an honest listen at how you speak–at your speaking patterns and habits? How do you manage the array of consonants and vowels you use, because they speak volumes about where you grew up and who you currently are.

George Bernard Shaw’s play Pygmalion and the popular 1964 musical My Fair Lady brings home this point quite dramatically. For the two Eva articulation lessons, I ask you to let me be your Professor Higgins and you be my Eliza Doolittle. We’re going to explore and make changes in how you articulate.

We hope you’ll find new motivation to practice. Every day is a new beginning. Begin again! Right now. You’re worth it!

And your feedback is greatly appreciated. Contact us at info@exceptionalvoiceapp.com.

I believe in you!
Kathe Perez
Denver, Colorado, USA
Obtaining A Female Voice
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