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Changing your voice is no trivial matter.

Feminizing your voice is so much more than just raising your pitch. Resonance sometimes is described along a continuum from dark or chest resonance to bright or head resonance.

This is our third flash sale. We hope you’re taking advantage of the discounted prices for each lesson. The first five lessons focused primarily on posture, breathing and pitch and how appropriate posture connects to appropriate abdominal diaphragmatic breathing. You’ve learned how to tune your pitch to A3 (220 Hz) and how to experience your voice at that pitch in words and phrases.

Lessons 8, 9 & 10 are now on sale for only $1.99 for a limited time. This series of lessons–Resonance1, Resonance2 and Resonance3–is meant to be worked with sequentially.

Lesson 8 Resonance1 will provide the steps and strategies for eliminating the dark or masculine sound of your voice with bright focus techniques.

Lesson 9 introduces another resonance characteristic we call “round sound.” Using only the bright focus technique will leave your voice sounding a bit odd, but it’s first step in helping you achieve a higher laryngeal position, which literally changes the resonating chamber call your vocal tract.

In lesson 9, you learn how to apply the present moment awareness of resonance strategy to help you sense the shape of specific vowels in your mouth and throat in order to balance the feminine resonance of your voice.

Lesson 10, Resonance3, completes the trio of resonance lessons by teaching you the intricacies of mixed voice. Mixed voice is a blend of both your high-chest and falsetto pitch registers. The benefits of learning this technique are to create the most natural feminine resonance. You’ll be less likely to experience cracks or breaks in your voice, and you’ll flow melodically throughout your pitch range as you express your thoughts and feelings.

We hope you’ll find new motivation to practice. Every day is a new beginning. Begin again! Right now. You’re worth it!

And your feedback is greatly appreciated. Contact us at

I believe in you!
Kathe Perez
Denver, Colorado, USA

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