Need a gender therapist? Working with Me Part 1

Do you need a gender therapist? Consider working with me. You can contact me at staff@thetransitionchannel.org. I have a specific perspective which I work from. I share this perspective in this video. I work with people via webcam sessions which means you can be anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access, a device with a webcam, and a headset/headphones with a microphone. Because I work with anyone in the world, I do not bill health insurance (sorry). If it happens to be that I have more people who want to work with than I am available, I may end up training someone.

If you can afford to donate, you can do so through paypal via this link. Thank you!

I work as a mental health professional, as I stated, and am working on my dissertation at this time; therefore, I may not have much time to read through all of the comments.
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