Transition Transmission Ep 15 - Transgender talk on GLAAD, HRC, SCOTUS and More!

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Transition Transmission - Dancing Under the Transgender Umbrella - Episode 15: GLAAD, ARIZONA, Lip Gloss, Prop 8, DOMA, and the HRC Transgender flag at the Supreme Court Marriage Equality Incident of 2013

Join Amber Neko, Alexandria Tibby, and Ramona Mona as they dance around the Transgender Umbrella for your amusement. This week, the Transgender Trio talks about GLAAD adding trans* issues to it's mission statement. Arizona's new bathroom laws for transgender individuals. LGBT news with the Supreme Court hearings on Gay Marriage and Marriage Equality. And of course, the HRC transgender flag incident that may, or may not, have happened at the Supreme Court Marriage Equality hearings?
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