How can I get my vids onto FrockTV?

How can I get my videos onto FrockTV?

Well, there are no guarantees but if you regularly produce transgender and/or drag related videos or even vlogs with fairly high production values (good picture quality, good lighting and good sound), we would love to see some.  If you publish your videos to a YouTube channel, you could bring your work to the attention of a much wider and more targeted audience by including them here on the Frock TV site. 

Frock TV is a free site so we
can't afford to pay for contributions but we could help to make you famous.

Please drop us a line at and tell us a bit about yourself, who you are, where you're from and what you do.  What are your videos about and how often do you upload new ones?  Please don't forget to include the URL for your YouTube Channel so we can see you in action and maybe we'll see you on FrockTV very soon!