Are you transgender? Female to Male/FtM Part 1

Watching this video can help you answer the question, "Am I transgender?" This video was created to help you determine whether or not you are transgender, specifically female to male, female to "whatever," or transmasculine. ("Female to whatever/FtW" is phrase inclusive of all gender fluidity identities such as those who feel gender queer, bigender, two spirit, agender, neutrois, eunuch, etc.) If you think about the questions proposed, particularly the statements in the top left hand corner of the video, this may help you understand whether or not you are transgender. Please note, this video is part 1 of 2, so be sure to watch the 2nd video following this video.

Are you transgender? First determine if you have "dysphoria," a criteria to be diagnosed with "Gender Dysphoria."

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I work as a mental health professional, as I stated, and am working on my dissertation at this time; therefore, I may not have much time to read through all of the comments.
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