FTM: One Year on the T

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When I came into this world they thought I was a girl
I couldn't really speak so I turned the other cheek
As I got older, I started to get bolder
Chose my own clothes, sat in back rows with the boys,
And I played with their toys

Soon everyone told me, "No."
"That's not where you're supposed to go."
Then came puberty, it really got the best of me,
My voice didn't drop, you can't make it stop,
Things started happening, depression came in full swing.

I had this realization and it caused some isolation,
Where do you go when you don't know?
Where do you go when you don't know, yo?

Then came the years of not really existing,
Oceans of tears, but no one was listening
It's hard to believe what you can't really see
Something had to change and it had to be me

Looked in the mirror, couldn't see myself
Felt my own body, couldn't feel myself
Cried at the sky, couldn't hear myself
Wanted to die, couldn't kill myself...

It all made sense when I found my own words
When I came out to my friends and I started to be heard
When they saw me as a man, when they listened to my plan
When I changed my own name I started to feel sane

I looked into the mirror and I saw myself
I felt my own body and I felt myself
I cried at the sky tears of joy
I wanted to live, free this boy

I had this realization and it caused some isolation,
But I'm not the only one, and life is kind of fun.

Yeah, no beard or anything, but one year. Thanks
to my friends, especially Dana and Wes for their dancing. Also Dade, Tiffany, Jenn S. and Gabe, the P-town crew and Huck. Your support has been amazing.
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