Live Streaming, Top Fans, & Google+ YouTube Comments?!

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Live streaming will hopefully happen at some point. Additionally, I can soon interact with my most loyal and engaged viewers. That's really exciting! (None of this is guaranteed.)

So, many people seem to hate the new YouTube comment system which uses Google+, which many have said sucks since they expect you to use your real name. What do you all think? Personally, I don't think it is all that bad, with the exception of 8 years worth of comments now being seemingly worthless. I also discuss the annoying ongoing timecode issue. (Which seems to have finally been fixed!)

(UPDATE - Ok, top comments are starting to bother me now. Especially since it thinks disrespectful and hateful comments are top comments)

1:04 - Live Streaming / Events
1:37 - Top Fans
2:42 - Google+ Comments on YouTube
9:39 - Timecode Issue

My Google+ Profile - https://plus.google.com/106678841415540884858

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Autumn Asphodel
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