Outrageous: The Britney Spears After Party - Gimme More

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Wednesday April 8th 2009, Celebrities Night Club in Vancouver hosted the best Britney Spears after party in Vancouver: Outrageous! Vancouver stars Trixie and Raye Sunshine created their own circus in this amazing show depicting the "good" Britney (Trixie) struggling with her dark side (Raye). Local Paper Xtra West went so far as to say the Outrageous afterparty was "better than the concert"! Trixie has embraced her inner freak and welcomes the darkside into her life as she closes the show with the sexy thumper Gimme More along with Ella Jotie and Tara Wilson. Thanks to Matt Leaf for the footage as well as youtube users: MissJennyDoll, tikaytili,jimyvr. Photo stills by Nasim Jamal
and Jorge Posada. Costumes by Jason Matlo, makeup by Miles Moore. Want to see more of the Tranny Force? Get ready for their monthly show coming this August: Out Of Your Mind! Stay tuned for details!
Tranny Force
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