Q&A 16 + Weird Messages (January, 2016 - February, 2016)

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Questions and answers (January, 2016 - February, 2016).

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0:10 - Q&A
13:09 - Weird Messages

0:13 - your family did not know about the YouTube videos
0:33 - Do you like that you're style of creating YouTube videos is unique?
1:02 - Have you ever considered facilitating a Google Hangout, or a live in-person meet-up?
1:52 - Have you ever considered using the '' Patreon '' service?
3:38 - What is more important when choosing a career path?
4:58 - Have you ever experienced or would like to experience astral projection or lucid dreaming?
5:41 - Do you feel like you're ever going to live like an "average" person?
6:07 - Do you like poetry?
6:25 - Is sadism/masochism related to gender?
7:07 - how to cope with mistakes?
7:42 - What is the best way of eliminating your fears?
8:10 - Does anxiety cause heart palpitations?
8:57 - Is it schizophrenia?
9:42 - Is it possible to have a successful relationship with someone experiencing this [borderline] disorder?
10:21 - Is it possible for a person to see their alters in their mind?
11:11 - I'm going to be tran how can I tell my family?
11:47 - Whenever I pick up a women's magazine in class my friends and teacher say "you like that, huh?"
12:13 - My chest dysphoria is severe..I'm already on T. What should I do?

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