Tiffany's Vlog #35 Transgender Q&A

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Time for a question and answer video! Btw, I now have a facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/TiffanysVlog

The questions are:
- Do you still feel transgender after you've transitioned?
- How do you start on hormones?
- What is my sexual orientation?
- How do you come out as transgender in a relationship?
- How much does transition cost?
- What do I do for work?
- How much has transitioning effected my physical strength?
- What effects have hormones had on your sex drive?
- What is your zodiac sign?
- What are my thoughts on having children? Do you have preserved semen?
- Did you find that being part-time was done in increments and then a big jump to full-time?
- Do you find as time goes on that you find it's easier to speak in your voice?
Transgender Vlogs
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