Do Soul Mates Actually Exist | How to Find Yours + My Experience

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A soul mate connection is one that is often life-changing to help one learn and grow to help themselves. It doesn't just have to be one person, nor is it limited to romantic relationships. Everyone is our soul mate since your friends, enemies, and everyone else in between are here to help you grow to discover your true purpose on this Earth, that which is what is destined by your higher self.

I've personally encountered three people that have changed my life and allowed me to learn important life lessons so I could help myself and be the person I am today. Without these people, my life would not be as clear as it is now. I thank each one of them for the positive change they have brought to my life because it's really meant a lot to me.

6:18 - Finding Your Soul Mate
16:55 - 3 People, 3 Life Changing Events, 3+ Lessons Learned
19:01 - Person #1 : The Enemy
27:57 - Person #2 : The Friend
36:52 - Person #3 : The Lover
Autumn Asphodel
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