Meet My Alters / Personalities (part 2) | Progress Has Been Made

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Updated video on meet my alters / personalities. Meet Autumn, Iris, the Host, and the Controller. A lot of progress has been made, but there is still more to overcome. In order to overcome the problem, you have to face it. I am learning to express myself better and am coming to terms with myself and what I've been through. Doing this video helped more than I thought it would!

Dissociative identity disorder / multiple personality disorder may come to mind. But, we all have different aspects of ourselves in various degrees, usually referred to as 'subpersonalities.' I've learned about these sides and am making progress at accepting them (myself in its entirety), and express them so I do not repress aspects of myself. That is what has helped me on the road to recovery.

Autumn has more difficulty switching to the others (less suggestible), while the host has the easiest time (more suggestible). Iris can switch to another by allowing / coercing the others to come out on their own.

Usually when I switch, or rather be taken oven, it is usually accompanied by twitching of my neck and confusion / disorientation. Though, I think this is anxiety related. Also, switching like this for me is usually stressful, tiresome, and causes me headaches and confusion lasting for some time afterwards.

6:36 - Autumn (Protector #1)
9:04 - Iris (Protector #2)
10:47 - Host (The Original)
12:58 - The "Controller" (Controls Everything)
21:57 - Host : Take Back
24:14 - Autumn : Conclusion

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Autumn Asphodel
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