Q&A 14 + Weird Messages (September, 2015 - October, 2015)

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Questions and answers (September, 2015 - October, 2015).

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0:10 - Q&A
12:15 - Weird Messages

0:13 - what inspired the name Autumn?
0:40 - Are you opposed to the idea of dating a male?
1:31- Would you ever consider marriage?
2:16 - Do you believe in astrology?
2:46 - do you like to read
3:16 - Do u believe that our sufferings are due to our past life.
3:41 - Do you believe in guardian angels
4:24 - Have you ever tried a hallucinogenic drug?
5:21 - What are some of your pet peeves?
5:48 - Would you have any interest in discussing about politics
6:06 - Why would you give those that are negative acknowledgement in your Q&A's?
6:58 - I'm curious how you work the separate channels.
7:45 - Is it odd/bad for someone to miss old bad habits/old selves?
8:38 - im having a lot of trouble lately with sex.
9:20 - i'm sexually attracted to my sister.
10:35 - I'm a lesbian but I keep having doubts
11:31 - Many trans ppl dont agree w sayin "when I was a male" bc they were never male, just assigned male at birth.

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