Q&A 5 + Weird Messages (March, 2014 - April, 2014)

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Questions and answers (March, 2014 - April, 2014).

0:10 - Q&A
14:24 - Weird Messages

0:12 - how tall are you ?
0:18 - Are you right or left handed?
0:37 - Can you sing?
0:45 - do you have a Tumblr?
1:14 - If you could live any where where would you live and why ?
1:23 - Do you have any pets?
1:40 - How do you feel about children?
1:59 - Do you like hugging your grandmother?
2:54 - What is your social life like?
3:23 - Are you autistic?
3:52 - if you, yourself don't like the video's why do you allow it to happen.
4:51 - Is it possible to have DID due to another factor besides trauma?
5:39 - Can u explain to me how to even trigger a multiple personality.
6:29 - Can you have DID and schizophrenia at the same time?
6:46 - Do you feel like your main personality is made up of that from other people you have met?
7:13 - Do you hear voices and see things?
8:11 - Do you have flashbacks of traumatizing things or to memories related to the trauma?
9:01 - Do you talk to other people in your head in really intense daydream type hallucinations?
9:26 - If one day you could get rid of all your mental illnesses would you?
10:15 - Psychological testing before your surgery?
11:28 - What was your first time going into a female bathroom like?
11:50 - i notice you swallow like every 8 seconds. Is that a side effect of the trachea shave?
12:07 - would a voice change require same as vaginal surgery such as lots of approvals?
12:24 - Do you have breast implants?
12:56 - Where was the skin... Grafted? For your vaginal canal?
13:19 - Scrotum for the vaginal then you won't be able to produce lubricant
13:44 - Skin for the canal can be made from your lower intestinal tract
14:13 - How do you feel about not being able to go through a menstrual cycle?
Autumn Asphodel
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