Types of Diets (Omnivore, Vegetarian, Vegan) | The Healthy Food & Diet Propaganda

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There are a variety of diets that exist. Some are omnivore, vegetarian, vegan, and many other diets. Some include animal meat and other animal products, other include just animal products and no meat, and others consist of absolutely no animal products whatsoever. We have the option to eat whatever we like and no one should tell us otherwise. Whether you are an omnivore, or a vegan, we are all equal on this Earth. No one diet fits all. So, the best diet you can have is the one you make for yourself and what works best for you.

6:48 - Omnivore
8:06 - Flexitarian
9:23 - Vegetarian
13:27 - Vegan
16:41 - Raw Food
19:22 - Gluten Free
21:22 - Organic / All Natural / Local
23:57 - Detox / Weight Loss
25:29 - The Healthy Food & Diet Propaganda

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