Eva Voice App Launch Event April 2013 Part 1 (of 3)

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The Birth of EvaThe calendar had just flipped into the new millennium. The telephone rang. The baritone voice on the other end of the line identified herself as Joanne. She explained a bit about herself as a transsexual and asked if I had any experience working with transsexuals. The simple answer was no. Joanne cheerfully said, "I'll teach you about us, if you teach me about my voice." She explained to how life had taken a turn for the better since her surgeries and she was now truly happy except... though for her voice."I pass as a women until I open my mouth," she said. It was the first, but certainly would NOT the last time I would hear that phrase. Over the past years of working with so many of you, my transgender clients, I've seen how the disconnection between heart, soul and voice deeply affects your sense of yourself. Imagine for a moment... those elements heart...soul... voice ... aligning... matching... perfectly in sync with one another.Imagine for a moment, that when you spoke your voice revealed the true nature of your soul.I've been offering online programs for some time and then it hit me... There are worksheets, and tuners, and recorders... oh my. About a year and a half ago I switched over the Apple products. And it wasn't long before the phrase; "Is there an app for that" became lodged in my lexicon.Then I thought..."Is there an app for that?" Is there an app for transgender people to train their voices? Well... no!Then right people came together and it the right time and.... Viola!Eva.... Exceptional voice app...Eva has emerged out of the darkness... out of the unknown to claim her voice. She is in me and in you. She is the failed singer who found her voice helping others, she is the judge who longs for the powerful sound he once had. She is the transgender woman who desires to have a voice that expresses her true feminine essence. Eva reverberates with the tones of her true voice. The white light of her soul glows within her and shines through her and from her. She is free to fully express herself in all her glory and power. She opens her arms to welcome you to join her on this journey to find your true voice.See Part 2 to continue the story.I believe in you,Kathe Perezwww.exceptionalvoiceapp.cominfo@exceptionalvoiceapp.com

Obtaining A Female Voice
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