Q&A 3 + Weird Messages (October, 2013 - December, 2013)

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Questions and answers (October, 2013 - December, 2013).

1:57 - Q&A
14:47 - Weird Messages

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1:59 - Are you a virgo by chance? | I'm thinking, a Gemini ?

2:43 - Where is your accent from?

3:02 - I'm curious about the speech impediment you mentioned.

3:20 - Is it possible to be schizophrenic yet not show symptoms daily?

4:22 - May I ask what you mean by 'coming to get you'? Will something bad happen to you? [Paranoia & Delusions]

4:52 - Have you ever thought maybe your being haunted by spirits? [Paranoia & Delusions]

5:14 - alters can have different physiological differences [Dissociative Identity Disorder]

7:15 - is it possible you were talking to one of your other personalities ,because you say you have mpd? [Dating Site]

7:35 - What do you think of doctor-assisted suicide? Do you think that the right to die is a fundamental human right?

8:07 - Have you actually had a professional diagnosis or have you self diagnosed yourself with mental illness?

8:34 - If you are bipolar, how will we know if all those histories/reports are true (that you are transgender, for example). How will we know it's not a delusion?

9:33 - how comes you've been able to transition with all those mental disorders

10:10 - Transgender / transsexualism a mental illness?

11:44 - Did you get FFS (Facial Feminization Surgery)

11:49 - Are you sure you removed your Adam's Apple? I can still see it?

12:08 - Do you have to get pelvic exams now?

12:36 - can have anal sex after srs??

12:46 - Could you please explain why you hated yourself for masturbating?

13:23 - Do you miss being able to ejaculate with sperm?

13:35 - I have always been curious to what upholds the vagina wall in a transsexual?

14:06 - What about secrete? Don't you get super dry down there on an everyday basis?
Autumn Asphodel
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