How to Tell if Someone is Faking Mental Illness | Malingering / Factitious Disorder

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Faking or exaggerating mental illness is very serious and an actual disorder. Typically, an underlying personality disorder is at play. Usually the Cluster B (dramatic) personality types (antisocial, borderline, histrionic, and narcissistic) are the most likely culprits.

Faking or exaggerating mental disorders can be called attention seeking, factitious disorder, Ganser syndrome, malingering, M√ľnchausen syndrome, or playing the victim depending or the conditions.

(Please do not misinterpret what I am saying. Openly talking about the issues is a POSITIVE thing and so is empathy. Sorry for the confusion. I truly mean no offense by anything that is said.)

3:51 - Motive
4:54 - Proof?
6:42 - Blame & Excuses
11:10 - Equality
12:44 - Complaining & Bragging

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